From the Errors of Others: How to Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes in Writing and Speaking

by Rebecca M. Lyles

A seasoned editor and business manager offers concise essays that humorously explore communication stumbling blocks, reveal common errors, and provide time-tested advice on how to write and speak effectively. Not a grammar book, not for Dummies. Laugh and learn about common mistakes in business and social communication. Then avoid them and put your best foot forward.

Rebecca M. Lyles spent thirty-plus years as a technical writer, editor, and manager for AT&T, IBM, and others. She lives in Laguna Beach.

Archway Publishing, 2016

A Practitioner's Guide to Teaching Technical Communication

by Michael Opsteegh

This article explores the variety of academic positions that are available to the well-suited practitioner and explains multiple methods for breaking into teaching technical communication. The author examines how a practitioner’s skill set relates to teaching, explains the variety of educational settings and academic positions, and offers advice on how to apply and prepare for a teaching position.

Intercom, October 2015

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Seven Soft Skills for Super Success

by Barbara A. Giammona

A list of the most important soft skills for today’s technical communicator—observation, curiosity, critical thinking, leadership, flexibility, social intelligence, and communication.

Intercom, June 2015

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Be the Captain of Your Career: A New Approach to Career Planning and Advancement

by Jack Molisani

Drawing from his own experience with corporations both large and small and as a business owner, Jack Molisani has seen every mistake the professional (or not-so-professional) can make in today's highly competitive job market. This book provides the tools for navigating these choppy waters. Starting with how to escape a dead-end job or an overbearing boss, to advancing one's career, and finally to achieving a higher standard of living, the book is divided into sections on finding new directions, making things happen, and optimizing the results. While most business guides focus on either job hunting for the unemployed or getting rich for business owners and CEOs, these solutions—including how to get and ace an interview and how to increase job security once hired—cater to real people wanting real advice on how to escape the chains of a recessive economy and create a long-term lifestyle that is both enjoyable and achievable.

Precision Wordage Press, 2014

When Your Ship Comes In

by Jack Molisani

Jack distills the concepts of reducing financial stress that he learned from Chellie Campbell.

You might also be interested in Jack's book, Be the Captain of Your Career: A New Approach to Career Planning and Advancement, published by Precision Words Press.

Intercom, January 2014

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Planning and Creating Infographics

by Michael Opsteegh

Information graphics, or infographics, can be a powerful way to persuade your audience and convey large amounts ofdata in a way that is quickly digestible and entertaining to
the reader. In this article, the author explains how to visualize information, which data to include or omit, and how to label data. He also reviews the required skills for creating infographics, helpful tools, the types of visualizations, the creation process, and ethical considerations.

Intercom, October 2013

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Publishing Fundamentals: Unstructured FrameMaker 11

by Matt R. Sullivan, Sarah O'Keefe, and Rick Quatro

For more than 20 years, FrameMaker has been the choice for technical communicators worldwide. Like any sophisticated machine, FrameMaker works best when set up and maintained properly. Use the information and techniques in this book to get the most out of your FrameMaker investment. Quickly learn to perform basic operations and word processing functions, design templates and maintain them, get started with Adobe ExtendScript, and more. Join the conversation at www.framemaker11book.com. There you'll find blog posts, comments, and the most up-to-date information about FrameMaker.

Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc., 2013

Tech Comm 2.0: Reinventing Our Relevance in the 2000s

by Jack Molisani and Scott Abel

Technical communicators need to step out of their comfort zones, take advantage of new roles available to them, and clearly describe the value they bring to organizations. The authors provide some suggestions for improving our career outlook.

Intercom, February 2012

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Writing in Type: The Art of Choosing Typefaces that Work

by Michael Opsteegh

Intelligent typography choices are crucial to designing a document that is readable and legible. In this article, the author discusses the fundamentals of typography and explains how knowledge of them leads to well-informed design decisions.

Intercom, March 2010

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Is Social Networking for You?

by Jack Molisani

Is social networking a passing fad, or here to stay? It is a “must” for business owners and consultants, but what about for captive employees? Is social networking for you? Jack Molisani explains.

Intercom, June 2010

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Rants to Raves: Putting Your Best Self Forward in a Challenging Marketplace

by Barbara Giammona

Everybody rants about their jobs, Giammona admits. But, she says, technical communicators sometimes get a reputation for being whiners. In this article, she discusses how to turn those rants about your job into raves, in turn making yourself all the more valuable in your organization.

Intercom, January 2010

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