Matt Sullivan Presents "Making Your Life Easier: The 10 Coolest Features in FrameMaker"

From March 20, 2018 6:00 pm until March 20, 2018 8:30 pm
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Registration closes at 11pm on Saturday, 3/17. 

OK, so you're a technical communicator. And Adobe has one of the few tools you'd consider using for content creation. 

So, let’s be honest...unless you're brand new to the field, you've probably been talked to death by all the vendors about all of the products you have at your disposal.

But here's the thing...every single product out there is the best thing for somebody. And for Matt, that application is FrameMaker. In fact, he's been showing people why he's a FrameMaker fan for over 20 years.

Join Matt as he shares with you his favorite features in FrameMaker, and how he uses those features to manage a slew of workbooks and reference books, along with his entire course catalog.

As a bonus, Matt will be sharing with you his new (free) Introduction to FrameMaker online course, designed to help new and novice users understand the advantages of FrameMaker and convince the powers-that-be to move to a more efficient workflow.

About Matt

Matt Sullivan has produced dozens of screencasts for Adobe Systems, related to their TCS product releases and his Adobe-sponsored webinars. 

Not surprisingly, he also produces the screencasts for his online screencasting course and for a series of online courses related to Adobe FrameMaker.

He’s a regular presenter at both OCSTC and the STC Technical Summit.

Matt has trained thousands of folks on FrameMaker, Captivate, RoboHelp, and Adobe Presenter. For more on Matt, Tech Comm Tools, and online courses, visit techcomm.tools.

Location and Parking

Doubletree Club Hotel—Orange County Airport
7 Hutton Centre Dr.
Santa Ana, California 92707-5794

There is another DoubleTree hotel nearby, so it’s easy to accidentally go to the wrong location if you do a search for “DoubleTree” on your phone, instead of searching for the exact address! 

The DoubleTree Club offers complimentary valet parking. If you prefer to self-park, tell the valet that you’re at the hotel for an OCSTC meeting, and ask if you can park yourself. 

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