On February 17, 2015, Mike Sanders presents “In-Sizing – Threat and Opportunity for Technical Communicators"

From February 17, 2015 7:00 pm until February 17, 2015 8:30 pm
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You will learn about the latest trend in corporate restructuring—a process Mike calls "In-Sizing”—and what technical communicators can do to thrive and excel in light of this new working model..

Technical communicators should consider two key elements of In-Sizing that could dramatically affect their future: the nature of how senior management views their work (transactional work vs. knowledge work) and the continual, incremental outsourcing process. Managed services companies, gobbling up functions and departments within organizations, are powerful and keen competition to what may have been considered knowledge work just months earlier.

The presentation will cover the outsourcing criteria employed by In-Sizing, and what technical communicators can do not only to survive, but thrive amidst the growing threat that managed services present. A new set of skills is required that replaces the status quo. Complacency is a dangerous game we cannot afford to play. We need to take charge of our careers, determine our transactional-to-knowledge work gaps, and fill them with the right skills. Then… REPEAT. The next wave of In-Sizing is not far behind.

About Mike

Mike Sanders is a program manager, change manager, technical writer, author, speaker and co-active coach. His presentations include business communications, organizational psychology, organizational change management, advanced multitasking, presentation skills, mentoring and coaching, and business writing. Mike has presented at over 200 venues which include business associations and conferences, symposiums, and numerous universities and corporations. He has served as President of the Project Management Institute and Society for Technical Communications. Mike has earned a BA and MA in Organizational Management as well as certifications in Project Management, Scrum, Instructional Design, Change Management, Satellite Technology, Business Administration, and Writing Instruction.

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