2013-04-20 Coline T Son Lee presents "Twitter for TechComm Professionals"

From April 20, 2013 8:30 am until April 20, 2013 12:30 pm
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News flash! Saturday Twitter for TechComm Professionals Workshop at Brandman University

Every day, millions of people turn to Twitter to connect to their interests, to share information, and find out what's happening in the world right now. Over a billion Tweets are sent every three days, representing conversations related to almost any topic imaginable - including hundreds of topics related to Technical Communication, such as #edtech #robohelp #contentstrategy #DITA, #indexers … and more!

Like LinkedIn, there are professional conversations and groups on Twitter centered on Information Architecture, Visual Design, Technical Editing, etc.  The difference is these conversations are short and sweet, and often instant and live.

Twitter brings people close to what is important to them....

Have you ever wanted to attend the STC Summit or UA Assistance or Intelligent Content conferences, but budget and time were constraints? Another advantage of Twitter is the ability to learn from live sessions without the hassle of going through TSA, packing luggage or taking time off work and being away from your family.  With Twitter, you can access conference information wherever you are. If you have already been on Twitter, but never seen this, we will prove it!  In this three-hour highly interactive workshop, we will:

  • Set up and/or personalize your professional Twitter account
  • Find and link to professional resources on Twitter to begin building your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  • Learn how to follow individuals, organizations or special interest groups
  • See how social media dashboards, such as HootSuite, can help manage your Twitter account
  • Use hashtags, and see how lists and chats can focus your Tweet-stream and filter the "noise"
  • Get hands-on practice with Twitter: send tweets to a waiting group of live professionals, and get instant replies!
  • Expand your exposure to job and professional opportunities
  • Start live-tweeting at seminars and conferences and OCSTC learning events 
  • Learn "Tweetiquette" and engagement and more!

Through Twitter you can expand your techcomm learning network beyond your organization, beyond the chapter, to around the world!  Get started with this 3-hour workshop and see how far you can go!!

About Coline 

Coline is a Learning and Development (L&D) consultant and has worked with individuals and businesses to establish and maintain a meaningful and profitable presence on the Internet. She has coached many L&D professionals to help them create and grow their learning and professional network through Twitter.  Coline is a social media "Networker" on Twitter. She has leveraged the power of social media to develop her many L&D skills and make powerful connections to other professionals in the field. Coline is the current ASTD-OC President.

Please plan ahead

To get the most out of this hands-on session please bring either a laptop or tablet (NOT a smart phone--they don't have the capability to perform Coline's exercises) that can access the Internet (wifi Internet access provided.) Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to find this new location, set up your computer and/or connect to the Brandman Internet.

We plan to begin promptly at 8:30 am. Please arrive early. Continental brunch at the break

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