2012-11-13 Guy Ball presents "Writing a Book Just for the Fun of It"

From November 13, 2012 6:00 pm until November 13, 2012 8:30 pm
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[Note: this is on the second Tuesday, not the third]

Have you ever thought of writing a book just for the fun of it but didn't pursue it because you had no idea how you would go about it? Guy Ball will entertain and enlighten you by relating his adventure of how he authored and published Orange County history books. He will tell you how he found publishers and made great proposals; how he maintained sanity while balancing his career, family, and job, as he developed the content; the ups and downs of the review process and making the edits that publishers commanded; how he dealt with the interminable wait for the books to be printed;  what he did to become involved with PR when he realized with shock that his publisher couldn't promote a book to save its life; how he dealt with the eight-month wait for his first royalty check (which turned out to be just 80 cents per book minus a 30% reserve!) But most of all, Guy will inspire you to reach for your dream of holding in your hand a book you wrote--just for the fun of it!

About Guy:

Guy Ball accidentally became a technical writer over 25 years ago and has never regretted it.  His main interest lies in electronic hardware and software operations and he prefers writing large detailed manuals about systems that are larger than he.  He currently works for EADS North America Test & Services as their lone technical writer.  Previous employers included Unisys, Hughes Aircraft, and even a short stint at Ameriquest.  Between time with family and being a couch potato, he's written three books on local history and one on early electronic calculators, created and developed a mini-book series for a local historical society, maintains three websites for local organizations, and is known around the world as Mr. Calculator.  (Though he's not sure if that's a good or bad thing.)  Guy has won a few awards for his work including the Governor's Award from the California Office of Historic Preservation for a multilingual historical coloring book for students.  He considers himself less a historian and more an information mechanic - helping to trick readers into enjoying history before they know what's going on.   He's currently working on converting written materials into eBooks and other tablet-friendly documents both for work and for fun.  He's also working to create a collection of his late father's newspaper columns for publication.



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