OCSTC Job Descriptions


The President is the chapter's executive administrator and is responsible for all chapter operations. The President delegates duties to the other officers and appoints committee managers. The President also ensures that the following responsibilities, required by the STC Bylaws, are discharged:

  1. Regularly scheduled program meetings for the membership (at least five per year)
  2. Recruitment of new members and membership processing
  3. Regular meetings of the Administrative Council to handle the chapter's business
  4. Fiscal controls by means of approved budgets and expenditures, and fiscal operations in accordance with Article IX, Section 4, Subsection H (Finances) of the STC Bylaws
  5. Annual activities reports to the Director-Sponsor and annual fiscal reports to the Society Treasurer
  6. Compliance with IRS requirements for annual information returns
  7. Annual elections conducted by the chapter Nominating Committee in accordance with Article IX, Section 4, Subsection F (Chapter Elections) of the STC Bylaws.

In addition to delegating duties to the other officers and appointing all standing and ad hoc committee managers, the President is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Presiding at chapter and Administrative Council meetings
  • Assigning a council member to act as a liaison to each committee that does not fall within the jurisdiction of a particular officer
  • Maintaining an awareness of committee actions through personal contact or council member reports

First Vice-President, Programs

The First Vice President, Programs is the manager of the Program Committee and has the following duties:

  1. Assumes the duties of the President if the President is absent or incapacitated and performs such other duties as the President or Administrative Council may assign
  2. Manages the Program Committee (whose members plan the monthly meetings for the year) and submits the plan for council approval
  3. Engages speakers for the monthly meetings
  4. Arranges the facilities and menu for monthly meetings unless the Administrative Council delegates this responsibility to another individual
  5. Secures program evaluations from members

Second Vice-President, Membership

The Second Vice President, Membership manages the Membership Committee and has the following duties:

  1. Plans and oversees the operation of member recruiting programs
  2. Promptly issues information about OCSTC and STC to prospective members
  3. Monitors the chapter membership listing for accuracy and assists members in correcting membership information on file with the Society office
  4. Oversees the production of a chapter membership directory, if one is created
  5. Provides the council with regular updates of membership data
  6. Obtains membership labels from the Society office for all authorized chapter mailings


The Secretary has the following duties:

  1. Sets up monthly Administrative Council meetings and sends reminders to council members seven days prior to each meeting
  2. Collects agenda items from council members prior to Administrative Council meetings and prepares a meeting agenda to be distributed at the meeting
  3. Prepares complete and accurate minutes of all Administrative Council meetings and distributes them in a timely manner to all council members
  4. Maintains the chapter’s voice mail box and distributes incoming messages to the appropriate council member or committee manager
  5. Assists the Treasurer with monthly meeting registration and fee collection
  6. Writes all chapter correspondence not specifically assigned to another officer or committee manager
  7. Maintains all nonfinancial records for the current year


The Treasurer is the fiscal officer of the chapter and has the following duties:

  1. Satisfies all chapter financial obligations by issuing payment as instructed by the council except for recurring obligations that have blanket council approval.
  2. Maintains records of chapter checking accounts, including the check register and a file containing all canceled checks and statements.
  3. Maintains copies of all statements, bills, and reimbursement requests.
  4. Presents a monthly statement of financial status to the council and a statement to the membership annually. The report to the membership may take the form of a statement published in the chapter newsletter.
  5. As soon as possible after December 31 of each year, and in accordance with the STC Bylaws, prepares the end-of-year Chapter Financial Report and submits it and supporting chapter financial records to the Audit Committee. Following Audit Committee approval, submits the Chapter Financial Report to the STC Treasurer before the deadline.

Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer has the following duties:

The assistant treasurer supports the treasurer with all chapter financial duties, acts as backup signer on the chapter checking account, and attends council meetings when the treasurer is unable to do so.

Nominating Committee

Nominating committee members are responsible for the selection of qualified candidates for chapter offices and for the conduct of the annual election, in accordance with the chapter bylaws. Nominating committee members should have prior involvement with other chapter activities.

Three positions are open. Two positions for a two-year term and one position for a one-year term.

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