2017 Call for Candidates

Call for Candidates!

OCSTC is looking for new people to lead our chapter from May 2017 to April 2018. Get the most out of your membership by participating in your local chapter! You’ll be able to closely network with members, determine the direction of our chapter in the coming year, and have fun! Each position only requires a few hours of your time each month and, to make the work easier, many positions allow co-chairs. Let the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know which position you want your name to be next to on the election ballot!

  • President
  • 1st Vice President of Programs
  • 2nd Vice President of Membership
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Nominating Committee

Election Dates and Voter Criteria

Both the OCSTC and STC society-wide elections for the 2017–18 term will be held online in March and April. Only those who have renewed their STC membership for 2017 and have included OCSTC as their chapter will be eligible to vote.

STC Election

The 2017 Society election will be held February 27 through March 10. Check the STC web site for detailed information about the candidates. You can make both STC and OCSTC your organizations by participating in the elections. Please vote.

Position Descriptions

  • President: As the chapter’s executive administrator, the president is responsible for all chapter operations and conducts the council and chapter meetings. The president delegates duties to the other officers and appoints committee managers with advice and consent of the council. Serving as president of OCSTC, you’ll get financing toward a trip to the STC Summit (May 7–10 in Washington, D.C.) and an opportunity to polish up your leadership skills.
  • 1st Vice President of Programs: The 1st vice president of programs surveys our membership to learn what topics they’re interested in, then finds and schedules speakers that match those topics, arranging all the details of each speaker’s visit, publicizing the meetings, and conducting the program portion of our monthly meetings.
  • 2nd Vice President of Membership: The 2nd vice president of membership plans and oversees any member recruiting programs, issues information about OCSTC and STC to prospective members, monitors the chapter membership roster, provides the council with regular membership data updates, and is responsible for welcoming new members and answering their questions.
  • Secretary: The secretary compiles and distributes the agenda for the council meetings, records council meeting minutes, and keeps the meetings on track. In addition, the secretary maintains all nonfinancial records for the current year and writes any chapter correspondence not specifically assigned to another officer or committee manager.
  • Treasurer: As the fiscal officer of the chapter, the treasurer is responsible for maintaining records of chapter financial accounts, issuing payments (as instructed by the council) to satisfy chapter financial obligations, collecting money at chapter meetings, and preparing the annual budget and chapter financial report.
  • Assistant Treasurer: The assistant treasurer supports the treasurer with all chapter financial duties, acts as backup signer on the chapter checking account, and attends council meetings when the treasurer is unable to do so.
  • Nominating Committee: The nominating committee is responsible for finding qualified candidates for chapter office and for conduct of the annual election. Nominating committee members should be actively involved with the chapter. Normally, we elect two members each year, for a two year term. This year, however, we will need three new members on this committee—one for a one-year term and two for two-year terms. The nominating committee is active for only a few months each year and is the position many members use to “get their feet wet” in chapter leadership.


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